The fixed PFC equipment type FN30-FN60-FN100 have stayed projected for the fixed and serious use, which for instance the power factor correction of no load transformer, or for the insertion of big engine. The fixed equipment is made to be connected directly to the load or the semiautomatic version that are made with contactors to start and stop when receiving input from load. For all systems are used load break switches, and banks are protected by a set of three HRC fuses (NH00 type – curve gG) with high breaking capacity (100kA). The ventilation is made by channels for natural air circulation and are present in the front panel 3 lamps for the presence of the net on each phase. The capacitors used, IRIpro, are self-healing polypropylene metalized single-phase with overpressure safety device and discharge resistor, PCB free. For the SE line we use capacitors with Un 440V rated voltage; for ST line we use capacitors with Un 500V rated voltage; for LL line we use capacitors with Un 550V rated voltage and for SLL line we use capacitors with Un 600V rated voltage. For particular heavy use is also available the Extreme line with special capacitors 3In/4In (see page 38) FN series is made for wall/floor installation(depending on the configuration), cable entry form bottom, maintenance form front plant, capacitors climbed on threaded plate, metal case in a strong steel sheet and painted with epoxy resin RAL7035.

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