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Measurement regulator RVT6-16 Three Phase at starting.

1) Measure input voltage R-N (S-N / T-N)
2) Measure output voltages (at max speed) U-N (V-N / W-N)
The output voltage of about 3V is less than the input voltage
3) Measure the output voltage (min speed) U-N (V-N / W-N)
The output voltage will be about 75 - 100V.
Important to check that beetween a measure and the other the difference is contained within 20%.

Current measurement: (see motor plate)
1)MaxspeedA1=A2=A3 -AN-(ANsmall%) ExempleA1=5.1A -A2=4.8A -A3=5.1A -AN=0.2A
2)MinspeedA1=5.8A -A2=4.2A -A3=5A -AN=6.9A
At minimum speed the neutral current may be greater than the single phase current as the sum of those is not 0. The imbalance of the currents may depend on input and output voltage or on unbalanced current on the motor already at full speed.
N.B. If adjustment in the neutral current is not measured, it means that: the same is not connected to the star center of the motor, or is not connected to the mains.