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Speed regulators
I.R.I. operates in industrial field where automation and optimization of both production cycle and power saving are required. Our customers are just now production industries, wholesalers and big installers, but it's our intention to widen our range of customers very soon, including all kinds of users. Our products, directly market in Italy and abroad, are then exported by our customers all over the world.

The range of electronic speed regulators that we offer have been developed using a voltage varying system incorporating thyristors. The speed adjustment is therefore achieved by varying the motor supply voltage leading to a reduction of the rotor speed with respect to the synchronous speed, albeit the actual speed in every single case will be determined by the electrical and mechanical parameters present. This system is only suitable for motors which produce a constant resistive couple as in, for example, ventilators, extraxtors, pumps, etc. Such a condition, which does not permit a more generalized use, has meant, however, that the regulator can be very simple and basic in its construction thus affording both maximum reliability and limited cost. Peculiar features are: the possibility to change one motor's speed from about 30 up to 100% with external manual control; minimum speed adjustment; single-phase models with 4-6-9-12-16 AMP. current, three-phase models with 6-10-16 AMP. current, and plastic protection casing for wall installation (for single phase 4 and 6 AMP. models flush installation is also available). Different options available: double switch for outside lamps control, alarm output contacts, further loads control, further regulators control. Control possibility with input signals such as currents, voltages, thermic sensors and so on. Possibility to personalize every single model.

We’ve been of the largest manufactures of electronic speed regulators for fans, aspirators, pumps, … for a long time, with a wide ranfe of models both single-and trheephase, at a very low cost. Moreover we manufacture patented electronic regulators for phase compensation units with innovative and exclusive features, protection and control modulus to protect capacitors. Manufacturing of energy saving load controllers, inverter interface modulus, braking units, remote controls, measurement devices and soft starters crowns the range of products offered.