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The new MRK reactive power regulator is equipped with powerful hardware, which allows a considerable electrical performance. All of our equipment are equipped with this new innovative controller with exclusive features. Perofrmance, advanced, extended, graphic, multilanguage, upgradability are the new words for MRK controller. With the Plus edition you can have not only an accurate measurement of the power factor and to be a multimeter as well. MRK Plus can work master-slave function, support multiple inputs and outputs via optional modules, can build a network to be able to handle up to 32 steps of power factor correction in a consistent and uniform way. Display matrix graphic LCD 128x80 pixels, intuitive navigation with text and icons. It can be able to communicate with the latest technology such us Ethernet, RS485, GSM/GPRS modem, USB, WiFi. Now is not necesIRIy to be in front of the panel to see the information, the controller will be also able to inform you by posting SMS or e-mail. You can also using PC, tablet or smartphone to be in contact to all information or setup you need. All of this is possible with “plug and play” modules. Your controller can became a small PLC, and the PFC system con become a point of data aggregation, for remote communication. With the information of maintenance from simple messages on the display, becomes much easier to keep efficient capacitors. Programming alarms, store data of what happened, is easier and faster. Will be available in the next App for iOS and Android operating system that can able to controller the MRK Plus via tablet or smartphone for sending commands, download information, set up data etc.. IRIenergy MRK a new way of PFC equipment; IRI today energy saving.